Untitled (MM002)

Oil pastel, oil paint, canvas, fabric, thread and inkjet printed image on paper.

.15 ½ x 15 inches

As I questioned the methods used to create my work as well as my intentions, I allowed myself to explore new materials. Now, more than ever before I embrace the use of my hands in the process of creating, it allows me to build a personal connection with the work. For this new pieces I wanted to assemble different materials by stitching them to a surface. Fabric is soft and malleable, it behaves very different from any other material. Fabric is also use in many cultures as a way to show wealth and status. The images used are sections of photographs taken of Banana Plantation workers, their families and surroundings.I approach the work in a more intuitive way, changing elements or rearranging them, allowing each medium to work with one another, bringing their own unique physical characteristics to create a new composition.