Artist Statement

My work touches on themes of consumerism, capitalism, and exploitation.The knowledge accumulated through research and the desire to experiment with different materials, Allows me to explore notions of duality, physically and conceptually. While researching a specific event, information comes from physical and digital archives. At the same time, I search for materials in art and fabric stores, flea markets and sometimes even my home.

Once in the studio, I approach each piece in an intuitive way, allowing each medium to reveal itself, exposing their unique physical characteristics to create a new composition. I start by painting with oil and acrylic paint on canvas. The result of combining colors and textures paves the way to start cutting and collaging those studies along fabrics and/or printed images. Fabric is a malleable and resistant material charged with different meanings throughout cultures, it also allows me to expand outside the rectangular boundaries of a canvas. Found-Images and historical photographs invite the viewer to question the historical aspects of the work, the images become a visual cue that connects all the pieces together. Throughout my process the physical and intellectual aspects are so intertwined that one could not exist without the other.