Artist Statement

My artwork takes a critical approach in expressing the social, political, and cultural landscape of our society today. It explores themes of consumerism, capitalism, and exploitation. My work also explores the varying relationship between the individual and big corporations. Raised in Colombia in the 1990’s, my experiences witnessing the corruption that has been part of my country’s history contributes to my work where I explore notions of conflict within moments of time.

Researching specific events like “La Matanza de las Bananeras”, sorting information and creating a visual map are crucial in the beginning of creating a new body of work. Found-Images and historical photographs are also an important source of inspiration, I manipulate them and convert them into something new. Once in front of the canvas, I approach painting in a more intuitive way, allowing the paint and other materials to take shape and determine the end result.

In my most recent body of works, I lowered the intensity of my palette, giving space to grey colored and blurred images, which at the same time are juxtaposed against a colored and textured background. The backgrounds are painted in multiple layers, leaving traces of their initial state. The separation of the figures from their original background gives them the ability to exist in a timeless space. All of these elements work together to solve a visual problem in search of capturing the attention of the viewer and delivering a message.