Artist Statement

The act of bringing ideas and materials together has always intrigued me, especially when it results in new and exciting. Drawing inspiration from history and personal experiences, my work explores notions of duality, physically and conceptually. Therefore, I construct paintings where mixed media shares the same surface, functioning together as fragments of a greater identity to create a new visual experience.

Once in the studio, I intuitively approach each piece, juxtaposing colors and textures to create abstract compositions. I begin by painting with oil, charcoal, and oil pastel on canvas. Then, I cut and assemble the painted studies along with textiles and images. The Images are the result of research based on specific events, they are sections of historical photographs, printed on paper or fabric. The photographs come from physical and digital archives, inviting the viewer to question the historical aspects of the paintings. The rest of the materials come from various sources, such as art and fabric stores, flea markets, and my home. 

Throughout my process, my work is continuously changing as layers of materials are added or subtracted. Each layer bringing its unique physical characteristics and adding depth to the final composition.