Luis A. Gutierrez  was born in Cali, Colombia in 1990. He currently lives and works in Queens, New York. Gutierrez is a 2020 AIM fellow artist at The Bronx Museum for the Arts. In 2019 he exhibited  “Entre Sombras, From Figuration to Abstraction” (solo) at GoggleWorks Center for the Arts. He has also exhibited work at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, private galleries and Christie’s, New York. In 2016, Gutierrez was selected as a semi-finalist for the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. That same year Spectrum Miami Art Fair awarded him with the “Launchpad Artist Award” and a site specific installation.

As an artist Gutierrez was mentored by mix-media artist Alfred Razza, he also attended Broward College where his works were part of many exhibitions. In 2015 Florida Atlantic University and Broward College chose him to create a mural in Fort Lauderdale as part of a public art project called “This is a Canvas”.

Artist Statement

My fascination with historical events center around social injustices and the effects of imperialism influences my investigations, as much as materials and their physical qualities determine the composition of my paintings. I translate these ideas into my practice by creating artworks containing a variety of materials, sections from other pieces, modified and distorted historical photographs to present the viewer with new possibilities, just as history is altered to tell a story from a specific point of view.  As a result, I construct paintings where mixed media share the same surface, functioning together as fragments of different bodies to create a new visual language.